Introducing the 2012 NASPE Teachers of the Year!

Congratulations to the new District Teachers of the Year! Watch for their presentations this coming year at a conference near you!


District Elementary School Recipients

Central: Mary Driemeyer, Sappington Elementary School, MO

Eastern: Sabra Reagle-Szczyglowski,  Evergreen Elementary School, MD

Midwest:  Luanna Moore, George Ward Elementary School, WV

Northwest: PJ (Patricia Jean) Jarvis,  Opportunity Elementary School, WA

Southern: Janet Kennedy, Sedgefield Elementary School, VA

Southwest: Kathy Lund, Central Primary Elementary School, NM


District Middle School Recipients

Central: Matthew Monfre, Sierra Middle School, CO

Eastern: Terry Galley-Quinn, Boynton Middle School, NH

Northwest: Jessica May Shawley, Moscow Jr. High School, ID

Southern: Jane Panse, H.L. Watkins Middle School, FL


District High School Recipients

Central: Tracy Keutzer, Lamar R-1 High School, MO

Eastern: Tracy Iacovelli, North Shore Schools, NY

Midwest: Victoria Otto, Highland Park High School, IL

Southern: Cindy Ferek, Turner Ashby High School, VA


Fall Conference Time is Here!

It is time to get revived and remotivated.  There are so many great conferences happening across the country and some great presenters to see!  Click on the Conference Calendar button and check out what the Teachers of the Year, Past and Present are up to now.

A new addition coming up is recommended product ideas from our teachers of the year.

And, if you haven't done so yet, sign up for NASPE talk. It is free and a great forum to exchange ideas and get information about what is happening in the world of Physical Education. 

Yours in Fitness and Health,




Congratulations to the 2011 Teachers of the Year!

Sportime has been the proud sponsor of the Teacher of the Year programs through the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, National Dance Association, and the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation. 

A huge congratulations to all! 

NASPE Teachers of the Year:


Elaine Rosquist-Southern District, Loveland, CO

Laura Petersen-Shaw-Eastern District, Bergenfield, NJ

Erin Washkuhn-Midwest, Aurora, IL

Christa Hayes-Northwest, Wasilla, AK

Chad Triolet-Southern, Chesapeake, VA (National Elementary Teacher of the Year)

Nancy Hoffsommer-Hennefer-Southwest District, Lodi, CA

Middle School:

Andrea McCarthy-Central, Aurora, CO

Tammy Brant-Midwest, Selma, IN (National Middle School Teacher of the Year)

Biki-Ray Mitchell-Southern, Mechanicsville, VA

Tracy Mason Taylor-Southwest, Kapolei, HI

High School:

Kris Ayers-Central, Greeley, CO

Christopher Belmont-Eastern, Ayers, MA (National High School Teacher of the Year)

Kathryn Goetz-Midwest, Troy, MI

Shawnae Somsen-Northwest, Wayan, ID

Butch Valdes-Southern, Lakeland, FL


Robert Sinibaldi-National Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year, FL


Cindy Jones-National Dance Educator of the Year




Fall Workshops are here!

Hey everyone!

If you had the opportunity to grow in your professional development by attending a recent conference, congratulations! If it was during the school day, please make a point of thanking your administration for allowing you to attend.  Share something exciting that you learned or volunteer to share at the next school meeting.  There is so much that we have to offer the classroom teachers to help enrich what they teach the students. 

Check back lessons are added on a regular basis.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your community, contact me and I will tell you how to do it! 


Yours in fitness and health,




Workshop fever!

Hi everyone!

I hope the workshop that you attended has helped to revive and energize you for the coming school year.  Check out these clips from the Denver Summer Institute! 

I have also included a clip of a new product called "Fingerlites."  This is a very lightweight ball, lighter than a beachball.  But, more durable than your store bought beachball.  Check out the video clip! It is a great choice for teaching children volleying.  The ball comes in three different sizes.